Long time no seen, fellow readers! I was taken down by some health issues the last couple of days… but now I am back and believe me when I say… I HAVE GREAT NEWS!

Well… maybe the news are not as huge for you as they are for me, but still… I will share it with you!

I don’t know how you roll… but I often have the feeling that things are sometimes particularly hard for me – decisions… for example – or the feeling in one’s gut… I don’t think I have it… or I might have it but I have forgotten to listen to it properly. So what I do then is: THINK! Until it comes so far that I practically OVERTHINK! ACTUALLY, I would say that there are WORSE qualities than thinking rationally – floating around from the ceiling – naked and upside down… – whatever floats your boat is actually fine but I prefer my rational mind. It comes quite handy in some situations – in others not so much.

Positive aspects that come with that: I will not react out of pure emotion! – Like I could never, ever, ever cheat on someone – my mind never really shuts down like that and I can’t imagine forgetting that I am actually in a relationship – also…. the guilt would kill me. ?

Negative aspects that come with that: I will not react out of pure emotion! ? It’s a curse too, you know! Sometimes I would rather shout it out from the rooftops but then I don’t!

What does this have to do with that?

Nothing really – or everything… who knows! 😉 It’s just my weird way of creating a storyline here… Just roll with it 😉 ?

ANYWAY: The same thing happened ever since I started taking this road into self-employment. As I mentioned in a previous post, I had a hard time figuring out who I want to work for. My current clients are SO widely spread – they would not have been able to meet each other AT ALL… the only thing that combines them is my love for them ?? (oh man, how romantic does that sound?? ? ).

So I was sitting there and I felt super stuck – I had the feeling I definitely need a niche – an ACTUAL niche – because I have to build everything around it: my domain name, my brand, my attitude, my EVERYTHING! I was already pretty uncomfortable with the situation because the days and weeks just pass by and nothing is really happening here!

So I didn’t really know which way to go… and I decided that I’ll just participate in Hannah & Val’s 5 day VA challenge again. I thought the flow of the group might help me with my decisions.

I am telling you I don’t know what magic tricks these women do have… but it is some serious shit! ?

I revisited my why and the questions they ask on the first day. It took me a while – I was procrastinating again like a CRAZY person… because it is uncomfortable to go there… but eventually I did… I just wrote down what came to my mind – I tried it with the method of “free writing” – just write, don’t stop, don’t overthink, don’t pause… I tried not to put myself in the categories I am ALWAYS putting myself in: e.g. I studied, this and that and also this – as a result, I could work with those people, and them and ah those are also in line with what I have actually learned. I really tried HARD to not let that affect me (TOO much).

I posted it for feedback in the group. And I got a hint from the most awesome Wellness Nomad I have ever met: Kathrin opened my eyes and said something like: if you can actually work with ANYONE – try to find people that you would LOVE working with, and approach them.

Why haven’t I thought of this?

I was speechless… sort of… (yeah it takes something to ACTUALLY make me speechless 😉 )… but seriously… I haven’t thought of that approach AT ALL… even though that’s something I already did in “real-life”… I have approached 2 people because I loved what they are doing – and I forced myself on them (kind of ?). One of them is now someone I work for regularly and actually something like a badass and wise older sister, one was a company, which would have hired me if I hadn’t turned them down. It was pretty far away from where I live, and I would have earned less money than I did at that time. If I had included how much I would have had to spent on gas or public transport and that I ACTUALLY was in desperate need of MORE time for myself, that wouldn’t have gone very well. Even though I would have definitely loved to work there.

ANYWAY… that changed everything… in my head at least. Because it allows a totally different approach: I have to make sure that my website displays what I can offer AND it has to shout ME from the rooftops. Everything else can grow from there!

And you know what… Suddenly… my head started spinning.. and I had some sort of epiphany: I came up with a domain name that felt totally right – I had to confirm it with some awesome advisers and they – MOSTLY – agreed with me. ?

I already registered it and I am in the middle of getting the website up and running. I was full of energy, the gates were opened… I was super hyper… I didn’t even want to go to bed yesterday – I was lying wide awake for hours thinking what else I could do… what do I want it to look, when can I go and have pictures taken… How should I include what…

And then it hit me again…

… while I was lying there… awake… pumped…. full of joy to get up in the morning (seriously – I thought that was a myth… I have N-E-V-E-R – or at least not that I can remember – been so excited to get up in the morning than yesterday) – IT HIT ME AGAIN!

Whaaaaaat? There the creative juices were flowing… and SUDDENLY… it opened up to me… the thing I can do, that I think I can do really well… that I feel totally confident about, when I would tell people about it… I don’t know if it is ACTUALLY a niche, but for me it is DEFINITELY an OFFER that I can bring to the world, that fits me like Cinderella’s shoe fits her, that others would DEFINITELY benefit from and that I really enjoy…. I won’t say too much for now! As soon as my page is up and everything is setteled, I will tell you!

But believe me when I say: it does feel right AND it makes sense – rationally! Whohooo what a badass combination! I have yet to figure out if there is actually a demand for that – but I have the tools now – and I will do some research on that, so that I am totally sure. But from what I imagine – it could be a good fit in the online world. And it is a great combination of everything I have done in my life so far……

CURIOUS? Haha.. well… stay tuned! 😉 I will tell you as soon as the eagle has landed, the puppy was born, the ball has been dropped… or whatever you want to call it….

But WOHOOOO!! Don’t give up! Stick to it – try things – and also: TALK TO PEOPLE! Surround yourself with likeminded ones – build mastermind groups – do whatever necessary to help you along the way – there is nothing wrong with that. You would be STUPID if you didn’t!

Epiphanies happen – even to the most critical ones amongst us! Believe me – I know! ?✌️

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