So… for all of my readers who have no clue what I am talking about, here comes a short (taha, as short as I can get 😉 ) introduction on what a niche is and why it is important to know what your niche is:

So the whole concept is actually: You can never please everyone.. AND of course: YOU – the ENTREPREUR – you don’t like EVERYONE either (there… I said it ? ?). You have a reason why you’re doing this and have certain values in life and in your business. And all this leads just to a group of people that for once are willing to work with YOU – because let’s face it – there are millions of people out there who might offer just the same things you offer – however it is YOU they want to work with because they like YOU and what you stand for. And of course: YOU like them – and what they do. For example: I would have a REALLY, REALLY hard time working together with a misogynist or racist person. The things these people believe in are so far away from mine – it just wouldn’t go well – for both sides – but especially for my nerves ? . Also the thing they do should EXCITE you….having to work for an accountant might kill me slowly, or someone who is super serious all of the time and only wears suits and ties – we might not be a very good fit.

So in order to attract the right clients – your NICHE – we should have a VERY clear idea of how we want this person to be like. And an idea about what it is that excites us and them. Because this affects EVERYTHING – from our domain to the colors of our brand, to where we’re looking for them… I mean yeah: I have a few things in my head (as mentioned above) however I feel stuck…

Why is it so hard?

So the problem is… whenever people ask me to tell them what I enjoy and what I like, I feel pressured: I have performance pressure because I can’t just tell them: I have no freaking clue what I do like! So I sometimes say general stuff that is “socially acceptable”. Like: You can’t tell people that you like to watch TV and that you enjoy eating tons of food or sweets or whatever… they will look at you as if you’re totally insane.

A week ago we had a discussion in my beloved Inner Circle (you know – from Hannah & Val’s Online Training for upcoming Virtual Assistants) where the topic with the NICHE came up again. It seems that more people really – not just me – have struggles finding the perfect target audience for the things they do. Not everyone suffers from the “no clue”-syndrome like I do. But it is tough to know who you want to work for IN GENERAL. On the one hand, there might be the problem that the niche is just… well… not profitable (like content creation for women’s Basketball-Teams in Germany – when women’s sports is generally underpaid and undervalued), or there is just a plain uncertainty.

Jannie (whom I admire for the constructive feedback she is giving – seriously – if you’re stuck – contact her! I am sure she can help you out) told us how she figured out her niche and named a few parameters that made the process easier for her:

  • If you can only do ONE THING your entire life – and nothing else: WHAT will it be?
  • It cannot feel like WORK!
  • What makes you get up in the morning feeling energized and ready to go
  • If you are not sure: ASK YOUR FRIENDS!

She has pinpoint her niche – it is incredible (anyone into contemporary romance novels or an author of such? Likely connected with erotica? CONTACT HER! 😉 ).

After the IC-Talk I hopped on another one with Julia (again: if you need some awesome writing done – contact her 😀 ) – and we talked about the fact of connecting everything we like and know – and if that is even possible. She tried to connect everything she likes but came to the conclusion that sometimes that is just not possible. You have take two roads at a time…. or drive two cars at a time… which sounds impossible when I write it here. However, we came to a conclusion: what we really like to do is: learning! And by that, we don’t particularly mean: learning by ourselves but: attending courses and learning like that. So actually: being a paid beta-learner would definitely be something terribly enjoyable – but I don’t think that this will happen anytime soon so I have to keep looking. XD

So there I am… unsure and uncertain and above all unable to give answers to Jannie’s first few questions – so I decided to ask friends.

“What do you think I like doing? What am I good at?”

I got a lot of confusion from them. My boyfriend looked at me as if I am a crazy person ? – which confuses me – he shouldn’t be that surprised anymore by now. But in general the outcome from this conversation was: You like helping people, don’t you? Meeeh… I can’t work with that.

I asked my two best friends the same question. One was also a bit confused. She said she had the feeling that I am on the right track and doing what I like – yes – true – I also have the feeling that I am on it… that I am not quite there yet, but the direction is the right one. But she also mentioned that I have to be around a loooooot of people, because I enjoy that so much. ? I am really unsure about that outcome too. She mentioned that I cannot do ALL the work I do online – since I need the people around me. Mh…. do I?? REALLY?? *scratcheshead* What I do like is being around people I LIKE… so having a good time with them, having fun with them, making them laugh and talking stupid stuff… I really like that… I don’t know if I like being surrounded by strangers or people I don’t particularly know. Not too sure what to do with that either… but I’ll keep that in mind.

The other one gave me a “midway” report. She’s not yet finished with her thinking process but sent me what she has for now: She says that I am critical. And that I can rant (ob boy – that is so true XD) – I can raaaant about society and politics and about motherhood (well – not motherhood in general but: I am mother and can’t talk about anything else anymore – don’t get me wrong here: You can do whatever you want to do, but when you hit a certain age as a woman, it becomes harder and harder for you if you do NOT have children. Everyone has an opinion on why/when/how you should or should not get kids, and – when you’re the only one WITHOUT kids you’re treated differently. You’re the weird one, the one who doesn’t know, the one who is not in the “IN-ZONE” (if you want to be there or not does not really matter) and you are not entitled to an opinion about that matter since: YOU DON’T HAVE KIDS! I think it is possible to have children AND be a person too… I am sure that women are not JUST mothers – but some choose to be just that – which is ok – but if they make you feel bad for not being one of them – this sucks. My friend said I should start a blog on that topic… but I decided I don’t want to get death threats… so I’ll skip that ??)

She also said that I sacrifice myself for things I do… because I want to do them as good as possible – especially if I agreed on doing something – I go all in. Even if it’s last minute (heyooo – I’m a “proud” citizen of procrasti-nation ? ). AND she said I do advance my view: come what may – I argument people to the ground. (I had to laugh so hard because I didn’t feel that way at all XD).

So the outcome so far is:

  • my niche must be open minded and fun (humor is definitely super important!)
  • attending courses – learning
  • help people
  • be amongst a lot of people
  • beeing critical (society/politics/feminism)
  • ranting (oh dear I would so sign that XD)
  • advance my view – argument people to the ground
  • STALKING (it has to be mentioned, over and over and over and oooover again ?)

Mh…. I am still not sure what to do with this – there are SOME things that bring me joy.. like… bigtime.

  • During the 5 day challenge in December, I participated a lot and gave a lot of feedback on a looot of profile pictures and page headers etc. One of them was Jason’s. He took Kathrin’s feedback and mine and I thought the outcome was super awesome! I was so excited when I saw that – I can’t tell you where this was coming from, I even told everyone around me how this header looks so awesome now. I was really happy for him. It brought me so much joy!
  • Whenever I do some Website-stuff (like “coding” – or.. “pseudo-coding” – you can’t really say I CODE there – and I don’t want to insult all the Pros out there :D) and there is a bug.. and I find what’s wrong and things work: This gives me an adrenaline rush like nothing else. I feel like the queeeeen of the world… for like: 5 seconds… ?? But hey…. 5 seconds is better than 0 seconds. The weird thing is though… you might think I would want to do this, ooover and oooover and oooover again. But whenever I have a Website to do, it takes me FOREVER to get started. Sometimes I simply do not start.. which is weird actually, because if I enjoy doing it so much – why do I not start?
  • The ranting… that is particularly true… I have a former colleague/now friend…. and we are both pretty much on the same page…. he’s like me in a male version (somehow XD not totally XD) – and when we worked together: BOY was there ranting… it might not have been the best way to get rid of our anger and resentment HOWEVER it helped me more than hearing: don’t take it so seriously: WHAAT?? I WANT TO RANT NOW! HOW CAN YOU SAY I CANNOT TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY! Can one get paid for ranting? I highly doubt that… XD

When I take a look at the people I work for ALREADY the only thing that I would say combines all of them is: humor! They are fun to be around, I can be completely honest with them. I do have a pretty dark, dirty and sometimes very direct humor with sarcasm and looots of swearing and name calling (my mother and I used to call each other stupid b**** – everybody thought we were fighting all the time, which wasn’t true… that was our weird way of telling each other that we actually think the other one is a pretty good person. Same thing goes for the boyfriend-who-must-not-be-named: swearing, name calling all day – every day. If one listens to us, probably the last thing people would think of is that I have graduated university ? . A trucker can learn from me – or he might blush. ? ).

I don’t need the name calling with customers! LOL not everybody likes that – and I am pretty good with adjusting and I have a vent (or two) XD. But HUMOR: DEFINITELY NECESSARY!

One is an artist/illustrator/designer and former teacher of mine, another one is a badass educational scientist and videographer who focuses on gender, education, new media, and aging (also a former teacher of mine), a third one is a UI/UX designer and the other one is an architect and online marketer. So yeah… the variety is H-U-G-E! Doesn’t make it easier for me to decide. Because: they all might never have met in the same place – so how could I have found them?? Still, I love every single thing they do.

I can’t say: my niche are life coaches, or my niche are contemporary erotica novel authors… it could be almost EVERYONE!

One thing is for sure: I have to get going – I know that – and now I definitely do have a time sensitive goal since my 3 weeks of vacation are over and I am officially “unemployed” – which is not entirely true, since I am a business woman now but for now not profitable. I can start at some point. Starting is at least a step in the right direction. However, I come to a point where: I do definitely need a website in order to reference my stuff – I can’t go to people and tell them: I am a VA and by the way, I have nothing to show you really – so AT LEAST I need a Website! Which leads me to the question of the domain name again: What the hell should I call it? Just my last name is super boring – I have one with that and an Austrian Top Level Domain – however, I don’t want to use it since I’m entering the global market.

We did get a lot of resources during our course from Hannah & Val on archetypes, and after reading them I thought I am a caregiver or a friend. But I did an online test just recently test and it said that I am a jester… when I read the descriptions of it (from the resources) I didn’t even get very far because I was thinking: Hell no!? But the results from this online test resonate so much more and make me think that I actually AM a Jester (well – I think I also hit high in the caregiver section XD)… There is a list of words included that can be mixed in the Jester’s copy. And ONE of them is mischievous…. I have to admit, that I had that in mind already, but I thought I cannot choose or as a domain name – since the sound of the word is – well… not always particularly nice… For me, personally, it doesn’t resonate badly – whenever I read that word I have to think of Harry Potter and the Marauders Map – and that’s why it rings some good bells for me. They might not always do the right thing, but still, they are good at heart. But I am not sure if that is what others see in it. I also head monithegeek or geekymoni or monirocks or something like that. I am still not 100% convinced.

After my talk with Jannie though (a few weeks back already) – I came to the conclusion: I need to take a step back: WHAT IS MY NICHE? Maybe it will be better if I focus on ONE – and see how it goes – focus on one but present myself as I am – a weird, caring, geeky, jester-y and highly mischievous woman with a furry dog and a weird sense of humor and sometimes a ribald way of talking ?

How are you upcoming entrepreneurs doing with niche-finding? What are you struggeling with? If you’re already established: How did you do it? Did you have hiccups along the way (nichewise?)?

Drop me a comment below! I would love to know! 😀

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