So before I quit.. and the few weeks after that, I had a wonderful picture in my head:

Once I am at home, all of my days will be PERFECT:

  • I will wake up when my biorhythm tells me to
  • I will do a Yoga routine every morning
  • I will celebrate breakfast every day – it will be super healthy
  • I will go for a walk with the dog every morning before I start to work
  • I will get my nutrition up and running
  • I will go to dog-training regularly
  • I will let the sun shine on my belly whenever I see fit and..
  • I will do whatever the hell I please whenever the hell I please…
  • … oh and yes: I will relax! FOR SURE! FOR ONCE!

? ?

I am 2 weeks in now – and all I can do is laugh… laugh at my past self that only saw unicorns and rainbows on the other side of the fence.

Do you really want to know what my days look like right now?

  • I wake up when my biorhythm tells me to – not every day – but at least for most of them (hell yeah, that’s at least SOMETHING XD)
    • But to be completely honest: the latest I sleep is 9 – so I think it is not a complete failure.
  • I get out of bed and prepare myself some food that I take with me to my computer to start working.
  • I tell myself that when I am done with what needs to be done, I will do everything else
  • Something else comes up that needs to be done… oh just this little thing and then I’ll get dressed
  • Something comes up…
  • Damnit.. that won’t take too long, let me just…
  • ROAAAARING: my belly is telling me: WHERE IS FOOD?? Need food IMMEDIATELY!
  • I leave everything behind and go for a food hunt in the kitchen – my brain and stomach are too drained to come up with any fancy or healthy dish that can be made out of the stuff I have at home. I will do everything in my power to not get hangry and eat whatever I can find and what I can prepare FAST! (This – OF COURSE – is far from healthy most of the time!)
  • Ah, I just have to finish this one little thing, let me just do that…
  • Suddenly it’s after 5 PM and the boyfriend-who-must-not-be-named comes home
  • I have a hard time explaining why I am still in my pajamas
  • He asks me when I will join him in the living room: I tell him: SOON! Only THIS LITTLE THING…
  • Suddenly it’s 11 PM, and he has fallen asleep on the couch


I had no idea it will be this hard…. I mean… I thought I wouldn’t have a lot of things to do and focus on growing my business, but somehow.. there are so many things that need to be done that won’t yet grow my business.

And you know what: That sounds as if I earn so much money now but to be honest: only a fraction of the time I spend working at the moment are paid hours. A lot of things is stuff I still have to do from a few weeks back, or it is something that just recently came up and is an addition to another project – also from a few weeks back. SOME hours I work I do get paid of course – but not all of them.

Some days, I lack the hours because I either have a meeting or training – and of course getting there and getting back takes time too. So when I get paid for two hours actually at least two more went down the drain.

I should use at least SOME time to find more clients, but right now, I have no idea how I could squeeze in some time to be active in groups and make myself visible. AND there is still this thing with the niche I haven’t quite figured out yet – but more on THAT in another post! 😉

My plans for the next couple of weeks is DEFINITELY creating a work-life-routine – with a written calendar and all that crap – because I have to make myself accountable. And I have to SEE it every day. I even consider getting myself a whiteboard where I can write it down… (and I wanted to get a whiteboard for AGES now… this is just as good of a reason as any! Tahahaaa!)

How are YOU doing there? Am I the only one suffering from the pajama-syndrome? Do you have any tips or lifehacks for that? Is that just an “early-adopter”-problem or are you “long-term-victim”?

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