After all this fuss about what I am doing and what my goals are you might ask yourself: What do Virtual Assistants even do? Are you a strange version of Siri?

Well, sorry to disappoint you, but I am not an artificial intelligence that gives weird answers to even weirder questions. I am an actual human being who gives weird answers to weird questions 😉 😀

Before I hit it off, what magical powers Virtual Assistants do have, I have to state that the word assistant doesn’t quite cover what we are capable of. I have come across that ambivalence a lot of times during my short period in this field. Not only from potential customers but also from people that actually consider working as a VA but because of their long experience and high-quality work the word assistant feels wrong or undervalued.

If you check out the Oxford Dictionary it will tell you this about the term assistant:


1. A person who ranks below a senior person.
‘the managing director and his assistant’
[as modifier] ‘an assistant manager’

1.1. [with adjective or noun modifier] A person who helps in particular work.
‘a care assistant’

Don’t get me wrong: I think there is NOTHING wrong with being an assistant. But often it resonates differently in the head of other people. Like it is something of less value, and they don’t deserve the amount of money they actually want to earn. Without assistants, some people wouldn’t be able to achieve what they are achieving. Because for them their assistants are like wizards… or superheroes.

We are wizards!

Virtual Assistants are more than just some people on the sideline that are nice to have; we are the ones that make SHIT happen! We are:

  • enablers
  • wizards
  • multi-taskers
  • cheerleaders
  • superheroes and sidekicks all at once
  • whatever else comes to your mind….

There is a huge variety of Virtual Assistants out there, and all of us have a particular focus or a unique niche they are working with. The things we do can vary, some can concentrate on administrative tasks, like scheduling, eMail communication, and mailbox management, customer support, proofreading, travel management or whatever else that comes to your mind that you are overwhelmed with daily while you are still trying to run your own business successfully.

Others focus on marketing: they help you with your copy and make it more appealing, they help you with strategies on how to have a better running business, or they help you sell yourself when you lack in this area.

Then again there are others that help you with Social Media and everything else related to the online world, for example, Social Media Management, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), generating sales funnels that help you get enough leads to be even more successful, or they help you with creating lead pages that are appealing to your customers.

Another field could be: Graphic and web design! Everyone needs graphics from time to time and the range here is also enormous: they can do everything from business cards to appealing pictures for your pages to everything you need for your printing materials, Ebooks, signages, etc. etc.

There are the ones that help you build a unique brand and those who edit your videos, there are those that write amazing blog posts for you (mine is not yet written by a VA though XD ) and as you can see….. the list goes oooon and oooon… there is almost nothing that a VA cannot do for you – as long as you find the right one for you, that is.

I can highly recommend Hannah and Val’s 5 day VA challenge* if you want to know more about that stuff. They can give you more insight and you can find out if that would be something for you. They surely won me over – I am telling you NOW if you haven’t noticed it yet.

* this is an affiliate-link….! You have been warned! If you ever decide to buy something from the DNK – I will get a plate of cookies and a glass of milk 😉 Nah just kidding! I wouldn’t recommend this to you if I weren’t completely sure that either the product or the people, rock monkey balls (and in this case it’s both – product and people – not monkey balls XD)

Why should you hire a Virtual Assistant?

If I take Austria as an example (and I will because I live here 😉 ) – there are around 472.400 self-employed people (by the end of 2015 according to Statistik Austria) . 4 out of 10 have employees and the other 6 are on their own – solopreneurs so to speak. If you imagine the pressure that rests on their shoulders one already feels stressed out, right? As you know: HIRING people, is super expensive. There is so much one has to cover for them. And sometimes entrepreneurs are on the one hand: so busy that they can’t make it on their own, but on the other hand, they don’t earn ENOUGH to hire someone. This is where we come in!

The general intention of a VA is this: we want to either help you to be more successful in what you do, OR we want to help you have more quality in your life (or both!). This is our calling or our intention and the model we are building our OWN business on. And that is something you MIGHT want to acknowledge.

Because on the one hand: we are NOT your employees – we are your business partners. We don’t do lazy hours in the office because we don’t feel like working today. We are putting in all our effort to make your business, and consequently our OWN business a success.

However, a lot of people out there will look for the cheapest price and there are E-N-O-U-G-H people that will offer their services for this insanely low rates. But bear in mind what a VA is actually trying to do for you: she/he will get to know you and your business like it was her/his own, she/he will put her/his energy into it because your success is her/his success. You want to trust her/him because YOUR business and YOUR life and – above all – your sanity are important to you! She/he is also a business owner, so there are also calls the person him/herself can make. VAs are not your employees. They are your business partners.

And as a business partner, they deserve more than 15$ an hour. Especially when you take the work they do for you and their location into account – not every one of us is residing somewhere in Asia where the living expenses can be low – that doesn’t mean they HAVE to be low, but they CAN be – and that does not mean that everyone living in Asia should automatically only get paid 15$… for how much do YOU want to work? Does the price fit the value?

Also… this is not our personal playground where we are trying out what works and what doesn’t… most of my fellow colleagues are close to 30 or over (though at heart we will always be 18 😉 ). We have experience, in one field or the other, and this experience is ALWAYS a benefit for you.

“What can I help you with?”

Well… I would like to say EVERYTHING… but that would be a lie. And no lying allowed on here. 😀

My special areas of expertise would be the following:

  • Graphic design
    • Logos, PDFs, printing material, signages… the list is endless… if you have something that needs Photoshop, I might be able to do it
  • Web design
    • I might not be a high-end UX designer, but I can definitely create small pages based on WordPress for you.
  • Video editing
    • I have experience in working with Premiere and can definitely lift some weight off your shoulders when you feel overwhelmed by the time you spend on editing your videos
  • Social Media Management
    • as a fellow lurker, I know my way around all of the necessary platforms, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. I know how to schedule them (Buffer, Hootsuite etc.)
    • Yes… you’ve read correctly… I love me some stalking! ? I am… like… seriously good at it… lately I found even more tools, – which DOES scare me a little – that made me even better at stalking. So if you need information… I will try my best to find it for you.
  • Finding tiny details within things
    • Back in the days, when GIFs were still a thing you used on Websites to make them fancy, I did a loooot of pixel-moving. So there are tiny things on websites or logos or things, that really bug me sometimes… I think I have an eye for that and can tell you what to do to improve. So I might be an awesome beta tester.
  • I know my way around EDUCATION
    • As I mentioned: I studied educational science. So I know a thing or two about education and what works and what doesn’t… I also teach senior citizens how to use a tablet… so I’m actually made of steel and invincible! ??

What I can assure you is: If I might not know something, I might know someone who does, or if we are not the right fit, I can direct you to the person that is right for you. So don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions!

So once again… this was way too long… I don’t know how to make this ode to Virtual Assistants any shorter than that.

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