Do beginnings always feel so… weird? Or is it just me? 😀 LOL… I figure it really IS me… anyway…

WELCOME! Welcome to the beginning of my journey….. actually, it doesn’t really feel like the beginning… it seems as if I am already in it for quite some time now, but now the documentation starts… that makes it real…  or at least that “forces” me to “deliver”! And to be completely honest – that’s the reason why I started this blog and why you are here now. ACCOUNTABILITY!

So what’s the story?

If you want a detailed version of why this blog exists you can check out my About me page. The short version is this:

My name is Monika, I am a Virtual Assistant and I just recently started my online business.
And I want you to experience the ups and downs with me. 

I started this blog to show THE WORLD (or whoever is reading this ?), that nothing is always just rainbows and butterflies and unicorns. And one doesn’t have to be super brave, or super special to do brave things.

Why do I know that?

I know that because I am neither of these things. I am not super special and I am not super brave (yes I am super weird, and a bit crazy – all of this in a good way of course – most of the time at least 😉 , and it’s good that there is only ONE version of myself on this planet 😉 ). However, I was the first one that thought: I cannot just leave my job and try something on my own. I cannot risk it all, I have to be more creative than average, I have to be prettier than average, I have to be more confident than average, I have to sell better than average… But you know what: Comparisons suck! Big time! That doesn’t mean that I don’t compare anymore (hell no.. ask my friends… ? … I would love to just switch that stuuuuupid habit off, but it’s hard work and I am on it… ). But I made a decision: I don’t want to be held back by that anymore. The world is a big place… I am a decent person, some people even love me (? WHAAT? Yes really! ?), my dog generally thinks I am perfect AND I already have people that really enjoy working with me because you know what: I DO A PRETTY GOOD JOB with the things I do! So if I can sell to two or three people already…. I can sell to maybe two or three or four more…. and then I can make what I am thriving for a reality.

So what do I want?

I don’t want to become rich by the end of this year (haha – not that it wouldn’t be nice 😉 ). But jokes aside: I want to have a business that I can live off, that gives me time and space to do the stuff I want to when I want to. And I want to have FUN in the process… because I like a good laugh, and I want to enjoy my life and I love geeking around. I need to get my ass off the ground though (some butt-kicking is always welcome 😉 ).

Then why this?

I want to share my journey with others like me: People that don’t quite know… people that are unsure, or insecure if they SHOULD try… I want to show them how life is treating me… how business is treating me AND I want to SHARE: Share the tools I find along the way, share what works for me and what doesn’t, share what I need and what I don’t need (or what I thought I needed but found out that it was total waste of time to even try).

So this is everything: A diary, a documentary, a library, a dog-praising-portal and sometimes a written stand-up-comedy! ?

So I am happy that you are here. I would love to here insights from you. Share how life is treating you. And leave some comments if you like. Or lurk a little (oh I know that is LOVELY… did that for a looooong time!).

Signature Monika & ?

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